We are working on building a shelter in the gathering space in the garden, so that we have shade and rain protection for events, and informal gatherings. We hope to add vertical shade-cloth and PVC blinds as further enhancements.

Wicking beds

We have made several wicking beds in the herb area to help counter the effects of the Eucalytpus tree roots.  We have planted strawberries in another new wicking bed, and they are thriving.  Several plots have also been converted to wicking beds.  This technology – an upsized water-well pot – allows plants to have constant access to water, which rises by capillary action through the soil from a reservoir under the plot.  It conserves water while encouraging plants to make good root systems as there is water throughout the whole bed, not just where drippers might be, and helps counter the tendency for soils to become hydroscopic in our hot dry summers.  Mulch is still essential.


2017 saw the installation of a post and wire trellis along the back and end of the garden.  Grapevines have been trained along it, also some new fruit trees which we will espalier.  We have plans for further fruit trees and passionfruit vines.