Planting Guide

Knowing what to plant when is the gardener’s greatest skill. With the information in this Planting Guide, you can work out what to plant each month to keep the garden productive all year. Knowing how long each plant takes from planting the seed to harvest enables you to calculate whether the seeds you’d like to plant will have long enough to mature before the season changes. For instance, tomatoes take 12-20 weeks so if you plant the seed at the beginning of December it will be at least the middle of February before you can harvest the fruit. If you didn’t plant the seed until, say, the beginning of January, you might be lucky with the weather and be able to harvest fruit at the end of March and into April, but it’s more likely that the weather will be too cold and there will not be enough daylight hours by then for the fruit to ripen. If you plant your tomato seed in August and keep it inside or under glass while the weather’s cold, you could be picking ripe fruit by October/November if you’re lucky with the weather. Even if the weather is cold until Christmas, if you’ve planted your seeds well in advance, the plants will be maturing and producing fruit as the days lengthen, all ready to swell and ripen when warmth eventually arrives. This planting guide will help you organize your seed planting well in advance of when you need the seedlings to be ready for planting out. PlantingGuide