Composting & Green Manure Crops

Composting is the process of turning plant matter into a soil-like substance that’s nutritious for plants and soil organisms and good for the structure of the soil. It’s a natural cycle that takes place wherever plants are growing: as fallen leaves, bark, twigs, fruit and branches fall to the ground, they rot back into the soil, breaking down into the original nutrients the plant took up in the first place. In the community garden, we can mimic this natural cycle by layering all our garden clippings, dead plants, and swept-up leaves, as well as kitchen scraps and other organic household waste we might bring down, and the occasional load of manure, into the compost bays or bins.  Download Green Manures

Green Manure Crops are plants grown specifically to improve the condition and nutrition of your soil. Instead of being harvested they are slashed while they are still lush and green and then incorporated into the soil. Composting