Welcome to Lochiel Park Community Garden

Lochiel Park Community Garden provides a place for members to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and other foods in a sustainable way and according to Permaculture principles. Developed as part of the Lochiel Park Green Village, the Community Garden aims to foster community while growing edible plants sustainably. Members can rent a plot, and/or harvest from the extensive communal plots, herb garden and fruit trees. Other aims include:

  • to develop and run community education programs that will engage the local community, including school children, people with special needs and elderly people, in hands-on learning opportunities on subjects such as permaculture, growing food locally and sustainably, energy efficiency, water saving, composting, nutrition, and cooking and preserving;
  • to provide a safe and enjoyable place for children to learn about sustainable gardening;
  • to work cooperatively with other community groups so that the community garden becomes the focal point of a vibrant and exciting community hub revolving around the idea of sustainability.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables in a Community Garden

  • Fresher, better tasting
  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Exercise and fresh air
  • Education
  • Satisfaction and fun
  • Saving money
  • Recycling
  • Connecting with the earth
  • Building Community
Plan for Lochiel Park Community Garden